Anti-Slip Treatment Commercial Testimonials

"I must admit, when I first met Charlene Stratton from The Positive Step, I was a little leery on this project she showed me, but I took a chance, and to this day, I'll never regret it  In our type of business, our guests are always wearing formal footwear, and fall prevention and safety of our clients is a major concern, and also a priority. It has been approximately 6 months since Charlene applied her product to our floors.  To this day, the grout has maintained its cleanliness, and the floor is definitely slip proof. If you are a concerned business owner, and want to prevent any possible injuries to your patrons, I highly recommend retaining Charlene to treat your floors with her amazing product. You won't regret it!!" - Mike Credico - President John Michael's Banquet & Conference Centre

"On behalf of Number One York Quay Health Club staff, Management and Residents, I would like to extend our sincerest thanks for your assistance in solving our slippery tiles throughout our pool area and showers. I have been employed at Number One York Quay Condominium since 1995 and the hazards of wet tiles have always been an issue.  In 2005, we had our shower areas and corridor renovated including the replacement of all tile surfaces with what was described as naturally slip resisitant tile. It was very clear, very quickly that this claim was untrue leaving us in no better position than we began and several thousands of dollars behind.  Upon some quick and easy navigation of your website and a brief meeting with you, I was convinced that we had finally found a long term solution to a long time problem. I am very pleased to say that your services were noticeable immediately by our pool users and staff and it has proven well worth the investment. Not only was our sense of security increased but also the cleaning of the tiles has since become more effective. Users of the facilty have volunteered their compliments about the current non-slip application and are very happy that the problem has finally been resolved. I personally cannot thank you enough for your help. Being the outlet for our staff and users criticismwith regards to the slippery floors, your product has made me confident that my job will be that much more enjoyable and safe. I look forward to our two-year follow-up assessment and future treatment of our facility andI  have absolutely no reservations about recommending your services to others in my position." - Justin Adamo - Health Club manager. Number One York Quay Health Club - Toronto

"Charlene at The Positive Step has remarkably treated my floors at the office. I had the workplace treated to insure the safety of my staff. I was somewhat amazed this winter because normally I have a mop by my backdoor to wipe up the wetness from the snow. I kept telling myself "How wonderful it is not to have to worry about the floor being slippery when wet." - Diana Yachouch - Diana's House of Flowers

Anti Slip Treatment Residential Testimonials

"Twelve weeks ago I washed the kitchen floor, warned my husband to stay off the wet floor, then proceeded to walk on it myself. After an ambulance ride to the hospital, three hours of surgery to stabilize two fractures, a week stay in the hospital, six weeks in a cast and a wheelchair, followed by weeks of using crutches, I am now walking again. I noticed an ad for The Positive Step, I contacted Charlene who was courteous, informative and responsive.  My husband and I decided to go ahead and have the treatment done on all of our ceramic tiles. We are very pleased and I now have confidence that I will not slip and fall as I walk around my home. Thank you to Charlene for providing this important service to the community." - SVB - Niagara

"This product and service are the best. I'm spreading the word about "The Positive Step" - Craig - Thorold

"We feel safer, gives us peace of mind and our tub is so much whiter" - Bill - St.Catharines

"It's great I really appreciate it and I feel so much safer." - Sheila - Thorold

"This product is great.  It keeps my 18mth. old and my senior mother safe. Best of all we threw out the bathmat. I highly recommend The Positive Step." - Hollie - Thorold

"Unbelievable, the difference between how my tub was before and how it is now. And the best part is it doesn't show at all where the treatment has been done."
Chris Johnson, St. Catharines


"On behalf of Romeo and myself I would like to let you know how pleased we are with our new Safety Mats from The Positive Step.  If we could do the whole kitchen floor with them we would.  We feel great knowing that our staff is safe and pleased that we have had no slip accidents since we purchased the mats. Therefore we would give the mats a 12 out of 10.  We would highly recommend these mats to anyone who is worried about slips and falls in their business." - Domenic Di Serafino Antipastos Di Roma

"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how pleased we are with the non slip matting that you installed on the wheelchair ramp last October. The ramp would become very slippery in the spring and fall with the overnight dew or frost, sometimes worse than the ice and snow in the winter.  Many of our clients and volunteers, who for most part are seniors, come to the office regularly.  I was not only concerned for them but staff as well.  This non slip matting has solved that problem and reduced the risk for anyone using the ramp.  It has been very easy to keep the ramp clear from ice and snow. I was concerned about using applications with short term effectiveness and having to frequently reaply the treatment.  This matting is a long term treatment that has greatly reduced the danger of slips and falls. I highly recommend this non slip matting." - Marion Dawson - Program manager Community Support Services of Niagara.

"Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the new, non slip matting you installed for us a few months ago. As a small business, we are definitely concerned with getting our clients in and out of the restaurant as safely as possible, as well as reducing our liability. Not only does your product work on the wheelchair ramp, but provides additonal traction on the steps as well. This past winter it took a beating with salt and snow shovels, and it still looks great, and cleans very easily. I appreciate the personal touch you give to the service, and would heartily endorse you, and your product, to anyone who shares a similar need."  Marc J.J.  McKerracher - Co-owner August Restaurant.

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