Our ant-slip treatment can make almost any surface non-slip. We can also remove most rust and stains from your tub or floors. If you use our non slip treatment on your tub, it can save you from re-glazing if only the bottom is worn or stained. Our treatment increases the coefficient of friction so drastically it becomes 3X safer wet then dry.

WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM "The Positive Step"?

Fast food outlets,nursing homes,restaurants,office buildings,banks hospitals, malls,spas,countryclubs are just a few.  The very young who play and slip in the bathtub or around the pool or the elderly and infirm who may slip and lose their balance with no chance to recover on a slippery surface.



The Positive Step can treat the floor surfaces in your restaurant, factory, mall or church to help prevent slips and falls. Slip prevention in all areas that may become wet due to snow, rain or other wet environment is critical.

Here's how it works. Every flooring has a coefficient of friction that determines how slippery that surface is. Water usually causes the floor to have less friction and thus become more slippery.

The Positive Step provides a non slip treatment for your flooring surfaces that improves the coefficient so drastically you'll be amazed.  This is all done without changing the look of the surface.  This is not a coating.


This matting is consists of 3 non slip types. They will provide the
maximum protection in the most dangerous areas.  The anti slip properties of these mats are incredible.
  • commercial kitchens
  • production lines
  • food prep/wash areas
  • fryer areas
  • walk in coolers/freezers
  • buffet lines
  • heavy traffic areas
  • incline ramps
  • ice/beverage stations
  • commercial sinks
  • dishwashing station
  • produce areas

RESIDENTIAL SERVICES knows what it can be like in a wet tub or shower, or even on the ceramic floor around the bathroom or kitchen.  Most people like to think it's not going to happen to me", then it does. Don't risk an injury to you or your loved ones. One call and you can quickly find out how you can easily and affordably resolve slipping problems in the home with our non slip product.

Just think of the slippery areas in your home...
  • around the pool
  • bathtub porch/stairs
  • shower
  • garage floor
  • kitchen floor
  • washrooms
  • laundry room
  • foyers
  • bathtub

This non slip treatment in your home bathtub or shower has a lifetime warranty and we are in and out of your home within a no time at all.

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