The Positive Step offers you 3 different products.

POROUS SURFACE TREATMENT is an invisible non slip treatment designed to work in your porcelain or enamel tub or on floor surfaces such as ceramic or porcelain tiles, terrazzo, marble, granite,slate, quarry tile or concrete. This non slip product is designed to create thousands of microscopic crevices which form a tread pattern that acts like a suction cup when the surface is wet. The slip resistant aspect is generally tripled.


This is a  gently textured coating applied to the tub or shower. It is made with ceramic beading therefore it is not a harsh aggressive treatment. This coating comes in clear and white.  



wheelchairramp1300.jpgThese mats are manufactured specifically for maximum slip resistance and safety on wet or greasy surfaces. They can be used on wheelchair ramps, stairs, walk-in freezers, commercial kitchens, production lines  & marine docks. Resistant to bacterial and fungal growth. Maintenance is easy with mild soap and water, deck brush both sides, rinse with clean water, dry thoroughly before putting back down. You may also use steam cleaner, medium pressure wash or a large dishwasher. These mats can be used loose lay, screw down or glued down depending on the situation.
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