Why Anti-Slip Treatment?

Anti-slip treatments became important to me after reading an article on slips and falls and thinking that there must me a product out there with anti slip properties. The Positive Step began researching the available options for anti slip treatment for homes, restaurants, malls, churches and factories to create a safer environment.

Safety is such an important issue and safety standards are constantly becoming more strict. We knew that there was a need to eliminate the hazards of slipping for all businesses and home owners.

In March 2005 The Positive Step began providing non slip products to aid in the prevention of slip and fall accidents. We found the best anti-slip treatment for porous floors and tubs to eliminate slippery surfaces.

Since then we also have a coating that can be used on fibreglass and vinyl tubs and showers.

And our newest product is a specialty matting which is incredible on wheelchairs ramps, commercial kitchens and a factory settings.

Recognizing and addressing challenges that your customers may be facing means going beyond the products and services you offer. The safer customers feel coming to your place of business, the more they are likely to return.  So making sure the surface of your business is treated with an anti- slip treatment is ensuring your customers safety.

Entranceways with ceramic flooring can be treachorous during rainy season, wheelchair ramps can be dangerous when wet, showers can be slippery as ice.

All of our anti-slip products are designed to make your business safer and more accessible.
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